August, 03 2010

Alfred Davtyan, winner of Jet Delivery’s 2010 “Best way to retain clients”

Alfred Davtyan (left) winner of Jet Delivery’s 2010 “Best way to retain clients” contest, receiving his Garmin nuvi 265 WT prize from Mike Barbata (right). 

During Jet Delivery's 2010 driver appreciation week Jet Delivery drivers, agents, and employees submitted their own ideas about what they thought Jet Delivery needed to work most at in effort to strengthen customer relationships.  The ideas submitted were then published online and voted on by other co-workers.  Alfred Davtyan came up on top this year with some great suggestions.  Alfred's responses can be viewed here.

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Jason BarbataPosted by Jason Barbata at 11:21AM PST

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June, 03 2010

Customer Retention Ideas


Yesterday I talked to Rob Lescaille, who’s a Senior Specialist for Interactive Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors. He offered a lot of good ideas on how we might go about improving customer retention. Here’s a list of Rob’s ideas, as well as some of my own, that I think would be beneficial to use here at Jet.

So, first of all, we’ve already managed to gather a lot of useful information about our customers – namely, those customers who have “stopped” using us (inactive customers). As of today we have 178 inactive customers. Of those 178 customers, we’ve classified 65% into categories that explain why they’ve stopped using Jet.

Rob suggested that we start an email campaign using a third party like to try to bring those companies back onboard. This is cheap. We get 60 days for free, and then if we like it, it’s only $15.00/month after that. We’re not suggesting that we blast a bunch a useless, generic email message to all the inactive customers; we’re suggesting that we take the information we’ve already gathered, and use it to address each customer’s problem.

Consider as an example the group of inactive customers we’ve labeled “slow.” They make up 55% of the group. Let’s send them an email with information about how using Jet can help grow their business. Maybe use a subject like, “Companies Using Jet Delivery to Expand their Businesses – Video.” Then we let them watch videos of customers who have used Jet Delivery to save money, add value, expand their customer base, etc…

Of course, now we need to make videos, and figure out exactly which companies we’ve helped. I’m betting it’s going to be our “best” customers. So let’s go out and interview (or, if they let us, record) our “best” customers and see what they have to say about us. How many ideas for emails, web articles, marketing strategies, etc... do you think we’ll have then?

Rob says, “A big part of the retention equation is frequency (of the marketing) – you need to retain ‘share of mind,’ so when they are ready to ship something, you want them to remember you exist.”

We also talked about setting KPIs for the website. By that I mean watching things like bounce rate on, page views on certain pages, time spent on site, new visitors, etc…

I think would be a great tool for us. It monitors users’ click patterns. If we know what people click on, we know what they’re interested in. If we know what they’re interested in, we know what to market to them.

Rob had a cool idea on being able to ship without actually setting up an account (“Quick Ship”). Maybe having to setup an account turns some people away. We really don’t know because we’ve never tested it.

Do people like our website? How easy it is for them to use? Do they get lost? Do we have what they’re looking for? will allow users to review our site. Yeah, we can easily create and program a survey ourselves, but this would be easier.

Also, since this is my first time really looking around the Jet Delivery blog, I think we should allow anyone to post anything. Maybe I just missed it, but I think we should make it easy to obtain a username (just being able to sign up online). If it's abused, that user will be blocked. If you give users control, they will use it. This blog will expand far, far faster.

I like the picture of the building on top, but the white writing is hard to read and the logo on the left looks tacky (in my opinion). Besides that, it's useless insofar as it doesn't link to anywhere (like the homepage). Speaking of that, Rob suggested we link back to

Anyway, I don't want to overwhelm you, so I’ll stop here. Feel free to add, criticize, ask questions, whatever. There’s really no limit to what we can do.

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May, 26 2010

15 Weeks In

Today marked the 15thweek of our retention efforts! PROGRESS! PROGRESS! PROGRESS! - If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest “buzz words”, think of retention as a simple calculation that helps tell us how good we’re doing with our customers. If a customer continues to ship with us over and over again our number goes up and when a customer stops shipping with us the number goes down. We started tracking this number back in January 2009 when it was then 77.86%.

In February of this year, a group of us got together and decided to see if we could find ways to improve our retention and become a better company while doing so. We set a goal of 90% by January 2011 (audacious, we think!!). In the short 15 weeks we’ve been working on this we’ve learned a lot!  Number one we need to do a better job listening to what our customers are actually telling us. Seems were pretty good at making assumptions about what “we think” our customer want, and not so good at actually listening to them. Turns out we’re also not so good at listening to our own people.

Since February we’ve had telephone conferences, meetings, surveys, 1-2-1’s with many drivers, agents, customers, and inside employees and we’ve received all kinds of great ideas! We hope that more and more people will join us and help us reach that 90% goal. We know that we can only achieve it if everyone gets involved. If you have ideas on what Jet Delivery might do better as a company we want to hear from you!!! You can contact any one of the following individuals:

  • Brent
  • Camille
  • Eunice
  • Joe
  • Josh
  • Martha
  • Tim
  • Jason

Or better yet post your ideas here in the comments section below!  We are working very hard at making Jet Delivery a better company, and we hope you’ll join our cause!

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