October, 20 2010

How we calculate mileage

About every six months or so someone will come up and say “Hey Jay, how do we calculate mileage? Because our system says something different then Map Quest” (or Microsoft MapPoint, Google Maps, PC Miler, etc…) The answer I give always seems so complex and people usually shake their head walk away and wish they had never asked. I thought today I'd try to simplify that answer and put it in writing. Hopefully this makes some sense to those curious about how it works.

You can download the document from our public FAQ page.  

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August, 20 2010

Quote of the Week

A problem is a chance for you to do your best.

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August, 18 2010

Hayward Distribution Center pulls through in a pinch

On average, over one thousand parcels arrive daily in Jet Delivery’s Hayward Distribution Center and are routed out to various businesses in and around the Bay Area.  Yesterday was no exception, when we were called upon to handle an additional 250 unscheduled mattresses.  Jet Delivery gives special thanks to Tim Joos one of our very dedicated team members.  Tim went the extra mile, working to see that our client was taken care of.

It’s employees like Tim Joos that make Jet Delivery great!

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August, 17 2010

Eunice Celebrates 23 years with Jet Delivery, Inc

Eunice Rollins

Eunice Rollins celebrates her 23rd anniverisary with Jet Delivery, Inc. Eunice started as a customer service representitive and now manages the department.....we are all very proud of Eunice and her contributions to Jet.....

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May, 21 2010

It's All About our People!

I want to share an example why I feel we are number #1 in the courier industry. Put simply “it’s our people”, but let me elaborate on that. I hear these story’s all the time but they rarely get shared.

Today a customer of ours, who provides pharmaceutical services called in and needed a pick-up in Imperial going to El Centro (approximately 6 miles). Imperial being in San Diego County and approximately 140 miles away from Jet’s nearest driver, the call ended up with our Air & Ground group. Air & Ground tried calling all the agents we had in our system who service the San Diego area with no success. We were in an awful situation. Not a single one of our agents were responding to us, when we made a commitment to help our customer deliver extremely important medicine to their patient.

Being out of ideas, but not panicking Darlene Fajardo elevated the situation call up to Tony Esquibel the Operations Manager. Tony followed our core values by finding a solution to the problem, even though he knew Jet Delivery would lose a lot of money on this particular call.

Tony found Charlie Chusivaratn. Charlie, a driver with Jet Delivery since March 2009 working out of San Dimas said he’d be willing to make the trip to San Diego County to help solve this problem. Charlie made the scheduled pickup time and even delivered the medicine faster than expected.

Even though we were faced with what seemed like a insurmountable challenge, our people put their minds together, made sacrifices, and ultimately delivered exactly what the customer wanted “a simple seamless pickup and delivery”.

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May, 19 2010

Ways to Save Money on Gas

Want to save money on GAS like I want too! Well, here are some tips I found at http://www.fueleconomy.gov/ today. The tips claim to reduce the amount of gas you use.

I'm starting my test today! First by emptying all the "Junk in my trunk" so to speak.  Another tidbit I got that I never realized was that using overdrive could save money on gas?!$%. Anyway, hope others find some of these tips just as useful as I did. 

Also, while I was researching, I found alot of information about scams! Here’s a short video on YouTube put out by Motorweek - "Goss Garage" that shows a few bogus products to watch out for.

If you have any fuel tips that have worked for you, post them in the comments section below! Share what you know with the rest of us. That’s what this blog is all about. Us all sharing ideas with one another that will hopefully spark an action, that might make our lives just a little bit better.

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May, 14 2010

Help us Give Away a Garmin nuvi 265 WT

During Jet Delivery's 2010 driver appreciation week our newly formed retention team was held a contest. This contest was all about collecting ideas from our drivers who know our customers best.

The contest was simple. Answer 3 questions about how Jet Delivery might do a better job at retaining customers. Many drivers submitted their ideas, and we need your help picking a winner.  Click here to vote.

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