October, 13 2011

How I Came to Stand on Home Plate

Since the stadium of the UC Berkeley Football Team, the Cal Bears is being rebuilt their home games this year are played at ATT Park in San Francisco, the proud home of the World Champion SF Giants. A football field being smaller than a baseball diamond, bleachers needed to be constructed on the field in order for the fans to have a clear view of the action.

The Giants contracted with CH Robinson to have bleachers brought in from the East Coast, have the bleachers removed after the first game-since the Giants were still playing baseball in September, to a local storage site, have the bleachers 3 weeks later picked up again from the storage site and taken to the stadium  in order to rebuilt them in time for the 2nd game and then remove them again after the Football Season is over.

CH Robinson approached us to see if we could take care of the "Local Part"; this would involve 10 48' Flatbed trailers to arrive at the Park at 2 AM of the day after the game to load the removed bleachers, take them to a San Francisco Storage site, and do the whole thing in reverse a day before the second game in October. Could we do this?
Of course we could, and indeed we pulled it off successfully!

We secured 10 flatbed trailers for a month and with great help from agent 5824 Jay (JD Trucking), 5844 Robby Lorusso and 5853 Esteban Tigre we got them in place in San Francisco prior to game day, showed up at the right time one after the other for the removal as crews were breaking down the bleachers in a hurry and did the whole thing again in reverse in October. All on time and without a glitch; thanks guys!!

During a walk through at the Park with CH Robinson, as crews were building the bleachers I took the pictures that show the bleachers, the tight turn our drivers would have to make from the Lefty O'Doul Bridge into McCovey Cove and the site at McCovey Cove were we had to do the loading/unloading-one trailer at a time.

Ed V.

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Ed VermeulenPosted by Ed Vermeulen at 09:44AM PST

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