October, 20 2010

How we calculate mileage

About every six months or so someone will come up and say “Hey Jay, how do we calculate mileage? Because our system says something different then Map Quest” (or Microsoft MapPoint, Google Maps, PC Miler, etc…) The answer I give always seems so complex and people usually shake their head walk away and wish they had never asked. I thought today I'd try to simplify that answer and put it in writing. Hopefully this makes some sense to those curious about how it works.

You can download the document from our public FAQ page.  

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Jason BarbataPosted by Jason Barbata at 11:32AM PST

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Kev Nator November, 07 2010

Jason let me give you an example of total calculation that is wrong. A run from Simi Valley to Vakencia. The jet computer says its 17miles. Its 17miles if we can fly over or dig threw the hill ! It comes out to 36miles..ie: 118 to 405south to 5 to valencia. The way its 17miles is a stright line them the mtns ! Alot of milage the Jet computer says runs are is a stright line between two points. I think real time milage would be the route one has to drive from point to pint. But the Simi to Valencia 17miles one is just a joke. Jet loses money and so does the driver on that one !

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