September, 17 2010

Help us pick a winner!

We need your help deciding what artist created the best graphic for Jet Delivery. Take a look at the following designs that were submitted, then select the image you like best. The winning image "may" be used in future marketing campaigns.

Voting end's this Tuesday September 21st 2010 at 10 AM. - You can change your vote as many time as you'd like prior to then.

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Jason BarbataPosted by Jason Barbata at 02:48PM PST

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Dave Warren September, 22 2010

Winning design with the swooshes come on guys, in my opinion #5 should of won.

Brandient September, 21 2010

Oh my God, Where do you live people? Hahahaha, swooshes again? Are you sick or something? You need another thousand years to understand what a logo is really. Voting, gathering people to leave their opinions. A big company with no marketing department, art direction? And after all the debate they choose a swoosh logo? A logo that "may" be used in the future. Go see Dish Network's logo, read this article morons: So much for your creative brief... ZERO idiots

Jason Barbata September, 21 2010

Thanks for the feedback Brad! It's funny we've heard the exact same thing from 3 different people now. We emailed the artist and are just waiting for a response..

332 Brad September, 21 2010

On the new logos, concept #5.Put a capitol J and a small jet airplane logo at the end of the tail and u have a winner.dump the red dots over the J and at the end of the tail.

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