July, 16 2010

More and More Technology Options


What a week it’s been around here! The last few months we’ve been feverishly working on several different integration projects and we're slowly but, surely winding them down. One of the more exciting projects we finished this week was with a company called ProcessWeaver. They develop software for SAP systems (which is very popular in large companies).  They came to us because they wanted to integrate their software with our shipping, tracking, and tracing. This project will benefit many of our existing customers using SAP who want their system integrated with ours. This will also hopefully put Jet Delivery’s name in front of many new business who might have never thought of using Jet Delivery.

This week we also added the capability to transmit EDI 210 files via AS2 Protocol. Which is very neat! A special thanks to Patrice at Babelabout for all the help!  

Finally our customers who use Smartship Manager at jetdelivery.com found a little surprise last week. Two new features that have been requested for years finally appeared. Customers can now “Cancel” a un-dispatched shipment from within Smartship as well as reprint shipping labels.


Description: SAP - The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP

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Jason BarbataPosted by Jason Barbata at 05:11PM PST

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Patrice August, 06 2010

I would like to thank Jason for successfully using BabelAS2, our open source implementation of the EDIINT AS2 (RFC 4130) standard transport protocol. If you need help regarding AS2, EDI (EDIFACT or X12), or any other type of B2B electronic message exchange, do not hesitate to contact us at babelabout@gmail.com ;-)

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