May, 26 2010

15 Weeks In

Today marked the 15thweek of our retention efforts! PROGRESS! PROGRESS! PROGRESS! - If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest “buzz words”, think of retention as a simple calculation that helps tell us how good we’re doing with our customers. If a customer continues to ship with us over and over again our number goes up and when a customer stops shipping with us the number goes down. We started tracking this number back in January 2009 when it was then 77.86%.

In February of this year, a group of us got together and decided to see if we could find ways to improve our retention and become a better company while doing so. We set a goal of 90% by January 2011 (audacious, we think!!). In the short 15 weeks we’ve been working on this we’ve learned a lot!  Number one we need to do a better job listening to what our customers are actually telling us. Seems were pretty good at making assumptions about what “we think” our customer want, and not so good at actually listening to them. Turns out we’re also not so good at listening to our own people.

Since February we’ve had telephone conferences, meetings, surveys, 1-2-1’s with many drivers, agents, customers, and inside employees and we’ve received all kinds of great ideas! We hope that more and more people will join us and help us reach that 90% goal. We know that we can only achieve it if everyone gets involved. If you have ideas on what Jet Delivery might do better as a company we want to hear from you!!! You can contact any one of the following individuals:

  • Brent
  • Camille
  • Eunice
  • Joe
  • Josh
  • Martha
  • Tim
  • Jason

Or better yet post your ideas here in the comments section below!  We are working very hard at making Jet Delivery a better company, and we hope you’ll join our cause!

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Larry Fadness January, 12 2011

On a delivery today I had the guy who received say to me: "As much as we use Jet Delivery you would think they would pop for a box of donuts for us once in a while, or something." This made me remember that up in the Bay Area we used to do that. A dozen donuts on a Monday morning, or a pizza on a Friday afternoon, or something like that for our best customers. Just something to consider...

Brad Bryant May, 26 2010

I can come up with dozens, I. when a driver picks up from a customer I feel he should leave ASAP and not wait for dispatch to give a continue on that takes up to 10 min when busy.Customers expect them to be gone with freight. driver can pull around the corner from view to get a continue on.

Brad Bryant May, 26 2010

no matter how the driver feels about a customer giving them a run that they don't like. Never express a bad attitude.the person in shipping most likely has a list of several co's he can call. Only takes 1 driver to loose a customer.

Brad Bryant May, 26 2010

have had customers tell me that dont know who they gave the freight to because the driver wasn't wearing a uniform.Boeing told me that some drivers look like Bums. and I agree.

Brad Bryant May, 26 2010

when a customer has not called for several days that was using Jet on a regular basis may have a new person working in the shipping dept and didn't know who to call. I've seen that happen many times and a follow up phone call usually corrected the problem.

Brad Bryant May, 26 2010

When sending a general message to dispatch, a simple 10-4 back to the driver would be nice to know they received it.

Brad Bryant May, 26 2010

politeness it the main key to keep a customer. I have seen drivers that were borderline Rude to customers. please and thank you means a lot to the customer. and big points can be made by telling the customer how much we appreciate their business even if the run is around the corner and will put the driver on a waiting list.I consider my paycheck coming from the customer and treat them that way.

Brad Bryant May, 26 2010

waiting time is an issue that can loose a customer. I have seen drivers rudely tell a customer that they going to start charging them. Hence,customer says he wasn't required to call us. Drivers need to use common sense and politeness in the matter. Telling a customer you gave them a break on the few extra minutes makes them feel that we care about as a customer and they think they're getting a little extra for their Buck. They remember that

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