May, 19 2010

Ways to Save Money on Gas

Want to save money on GAS like I want too! Well, here are some tips I found at today. The tips claim to reduce the amount of gas you use.

I'm starting my test today! First by emptying all the "Junk in my trunk" so to speak.  Another tidbit I got that I never realized was that using overdrive could save money on gas?!$%. Anyway, hope others find some of these tips just as useful as I did. 

Also, while I was researching, I found alot of information about scams! Here’s a short video on YouTube put out by Motorweek - "Goss Garage" that shows a few bogus products to watch out for.

If you have any fuel tips that have worked for you, post them in the comments section below! Share what you know with the rest of us. That’s what this blog is all about. Us all sharing ideas with one another that will hopefully spark an action, that might make our lives just a little bit better.

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Jason BarbataPosted by Jason Barbata at 07:21PM PST

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